Thursday, March 30, 2017

Unseen effects of our extreme weather

The worst of the Category 4 cyclone in Queensland is over, although flooding from the heavy rain is the next problem.

Now that people can go outside the damage can be checked, and while it's reported to be at least $2 billion, it's less than feared.

Cyclone Debbie had recorded wind gusts of 263kph and hit the Whitsunday Islands, Airlie Beach and Shute Harbour the worst.

Fortunately the resorts are built to withstand Cat. 5 cyclones so structurally they survived. It was a frightening time for tourists though!

The usually unreported effects, on animals, was highlighted this time by a cockatoo which made the news.

It was found by a news photographer who went out to take photos of the aftermath and found it sitting in a pile of shredded leaves and branches under a destroyed tree.

The poor thing was stripped of a lot of its feathers, so she took it inside and wrapped it in a towel to keep it warm. When the weather eased it was collected by wildlife carers and is now recovering.

It's just one of probably thousands of animals, domestic and wild, that will have been hurt or killed by the cyclone.

And just a few weeks ago there was a photo of more animals affected by our extreme weather, on that occasion it was kangaroos trying to flee from a bush fire.

PS. Later update: Sadly, this morning the cocky was found dead in its box.

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