Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Preventable tragedy

Right in the heart of Melbourne, five people killed and many more seriously injured by a maniac who deliberately mowed them down by driving at high speed along the footpath.

Two children, one a tiny baby, are among the dead and more are in critical condition.

The driver was Dimitrious Gargasoulas, apparently very well-known to police for a string of family violence  assaults and who suffers mental health and drug-related issues.

He was also out on bail for a string of offences, with outstanding warrants for over twenty charges.
They include a charge for breaching bail by failing to appear at court in April and charges relating to a near-deadly police pursuit in November.

He was facing a string of charges for dangerous driving, driving while disqualified, failing to stop for police, smashing a taxi windscreen and the theft of three motor vehicles and an EFTPOS machine. Charge sheets tendered to the court allege that, on November 19, he was involved in a police pursuit down the wrong side of St Kilda Rd in Melbourne.
A well-known, highly dangerous proven serial criminal who should have been in jail, or a secure mental health facility, long ago was allowed to stay in the community where he was then allowed to commit this mass murder.
So he wasn't the only one responsible for the carnage in Bourke Street.
How about the person who let him out on bail in spite of police objections.
How about the police who tailed him on his way to Melbourne but failed to stop him.
According to the police union secretary, Detective Senior Sergeant Ron Iddles, there were several occasions where police believed they could have safely intercepted and arrested him, but were told not to by their superiors. So how about their responsibility for the carnage their inaction cost.
Just before he committed the murders he was doing burn-outs, screaming at people around him. Police were there too, but only two seventeen year old civilians  tried to stop him.
Once again we've been disastrously let down by those with the power to prevent these tragedies happening.
There has to be an investigation into the whole debacle and those responsible have to be held to account.
                               The maniac doing burn-outs in the centre of the city.

TV shots of two civilian teenagers trying to stop him.

                                                          The saddest photo of all

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