Saturday, January 07, 2017

More contempt from the feds

The federal government continues to serve up an endless string of examples of their members' arrogance, greed, belief in their unlimited 'entitlements', contempt for the electorate and belief that we're all totally stupid.

We've got the ongoing cock-up of Centrelink sending out threatening letters claiming repayment of alleged overpayments to recipients - 20,000 a week, no less.

It's based on a flawed IT system, very basic & unsophisticated as pointed out by many IT experts.

Nevertheless, the minister in charge says it's a great system, it's doing its job effectively, there's no problem. Despite clear evidence to the contrary.

At the same time we have Health Minister Sussan Ley spending a taxpayer funded $12,000 for a private jet to fly to a conference from Canberra to Gold Coast in March 2016 as commercial flights were 'not suitable'.

That got people looking more closely at what she's been charging us for.

It transpires that a year earlier she went on official business, at our expense, to the Gold Coast and, just by chance, while she was there she bought at auction an $800,000 apartment. Naturally, we paid for her partner to accompany her and for their overnight stay after buying the apartment.

Twitter has gone ballistic of course, investigations showing she'd been on two trips to the Gold Coast, staying five days, in the few weeks leading up to the purchase.

Treating us with the usual contempt she claims it was simply an impulse purchase. You know, there on government business, happened to come across an auction, wandered in with a spare $800,000 and on an impulse bought it.

Most of the mainstream media is ignoring it, being as it's Murdoch controlled or influenced. Fairfax is giving the stories an airing, plus of course social media.

It's the way the coalition has been going since John Howard's days, when the ministerial code of conduct was changed to fit in with what ministers were actually doing. lecturing us about the age of entitlement being over while rorting the system for all they're worth.

They usually finally say that it's all within the rules - rules which they write for themselves of course.

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