Friday, December 23, 2016

We don't deserve this.

We're really scraping the bottom of the barrel with the bunch of politicians we've got at the moment.

There are examples of stupidity, ignorance, blind ideology, bigotry almost daily.

Latest example is Liberal National Senator Matt Canavan - who is Minister for Resources & Northern Australia.

He was interviewed on ABC radio about the Adani coal mine project - a huge disaster for the environment if it goes ahead. It'll be Australia's largest coal mine which will need a new rail line built across half of Queensland to the new port they plan to build on the Great Barrier Reef.

Our useless federal government has offered a soft loan of a billion dollars of our tax money to help the Indian owners of the mine build the rail link.

It's been common knowledge for years that Adani is a very dodgy company run by very dodgy people. Murky finances, a web of companies that lead back to the Cayman Islands tax haven, lies about how many jobs the project will create and so on.

(Big companies only have to say they will create jobs, or threaten to cut them, and this government does whatever the company wants, usually without due diligence).

Anyway, the latest revelation is that the Indian government is investigating Adani for siphoning money offshore and artificially inflating electricity prices, ripping off Indian consumers.

Senator Canavan was asked: 'were you aware of this investigation into the Adani group?'

A simple question. but his first answer was: 'Well before I get to that question Kim, can I just thank you for having me on your program because I have been very disappointed in the ABC's coverage of this issue in the past week. Your reports have been nothing but fake news.'
The question was asked eight times but he refused to answer, just rambling on with rubbish such as '... it's very good to be joining you as a Minister for Resources but it's even better to be joining you as a proud resident of North Queensland.

I'm looking out at the Great Barrier Reef right now, I'm lucky enough to have a view from my house.'

It was a surreal, bizarre few minutes of absolute rubbish from someone who came across as barely literate, struggling to put a meaningful sentence together. And most certainly dodging the questions, telling lies (the ABC has no video journalists in his area when in fact they have seven, for example) and just trying to spout the pro-Adani spin both the Queensland and federal governments are churning out.

And the accusation that the public broadcaster is creating fake news is a very serious matter. He should be called out on it with demands that he support his ludicrous claim with some facts.

But so low is the standard we've come to expect from our politicians that we expect their constant lies to be simply laughed off. 

The full transcript of the interview is here.

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