Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Whose ABC?

Under ex-lawyer for the Murdoch empire, Michelle Guthrie,  the Murdochisation of 'our' ABC is well on track. And she's done it in only six months.

It's a conspiracy theory you say?

The facts tend to suggest otherwise.

Her first speech as MD was at an event put on by The Australian - a Murdoch paper.

The far-right conservative and ex-Murdoch employee Tom Switzer has been given an extra radio show, while other staff - and many programmes - have been axed.

Former News Corp Australia chief executive Kim Williams has been given a radio show starting next year.

Now she's hired Jim Rudder, a veteran Murdoch consultant, to help restructure the ABC.

Rupert will be pleased. And I bet he'll reward Guthrie well at the end of her ABC gig.

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