Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Put up or shut up

I've long said that business is full of frightened men. Frightened to make decisions in case they lose their well-paid jobs.

Our federal government is proving itself to be the same, time and time again.

The culture is set at the top, with the Prime Minister  terrified of losing the leadership of the party - again - and living in fear of the extreme right.

Today's example is that of Josh Frydenberg, Minister for Environment & Energy. On radio he announced that the government would be considering an emissions intensity trading scheme (political claptrap for a carbon tax).

Extreme right wing mouthpiece Cory Bernardi, of no senior position,  immediately jumped in said it wouldn't happen.

Within 24 hours the PM was waffling on about party policy, hung Frydenberg out to dry so he had to deny he'd said what he'd clearly said.

It's pathetic. It's embarrassing for the country.

The far right is ruling, but from a minority position and without the responsibility of being in power.

Time for them to put up or shut up. To show some guts, unseat Turnbull, put their own man back in charge, whether it's Abbott, Bernardi or someone else, and see how the electorate rates them.

I have no doubt it'll be the same as when Abbott was PM, they'll crash and burn.

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