Friday, December 16, 2016

On the nose

It's no wonder we're so sick of our politicians.

Ex-NSW Labor 'power broker' Eddie Obeid has just been given 5 years jail for his corruption when he was in office. Previously, ten Liberal members had to stand aside or resign after ICAC revelations.

The federal government is in disarray, full of incompetents and a PM running scared of the party's small but very vocal extreme right fanatics, doing their bidding each time they shout.

The buffoon of an Immigration Minister, Dutton, continues to go public with brainless statements.

Treasurer Scott Morrison (second-worst Treasurer in living memory after Joe Hockey) hasn't a clue and answers all questions by blaming Labor for everything negative.

Ex-PM Abbott is still sniping away wanting his old job back, currently extolling the virtues of Pauline Hanson - the person he made sure went to jail when he was John Howard's attack dog.

And at a local, more mundane level, we keep getting garbage spouted at us by our local federal member Lucy Wicks.

Typical of our 'representatives', she wilfully ignores the facts if they don't agree with her agenda, the latest being her statement on marriage equality, published in one of our local papers. She's firmly against it of course.

She states that "Changing the definition of marriage is not simple...". 

In fact, it is.

Marriage was not defined in our 1961 Marriage Act.  In 2004, John Howard, determined to not recognise same-sex marriages lawfully made overseas, amended the Act to define marriage as 'a union between a man and a woman'.

The excuse was that marriage needed to be defined in law - which it would equally have done if the wording had been 'between two people'.

It was a simple approval by parliament that changed, the Act. The same can be done again.

Trying to con her electorate into believing it's difficult is typical of the contempt in which we're held by our 'representatives'.

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