Sunday, December 04, 2016

Government screws us again

Our state government's dodgy deals are being revealed at least weekly. Looking after their mates in the big end of town at the expense of the rest of us.

Today's reveal is about additional largesse to Macquarie Bank relating to the Martin Place metro station development.

We already knew the government had decided to demolish a small art deco building, which consists of privately owned apartments, while retaining the much larger and uglier building adjoining it. That  just happens to be used by Macquarie Bank to store bicycles and lockers for staff who work at the bank's adjoining Martin Place headquarters.

The previous (Labor) government's plan for the station had this building down for demolition but Baird's mob changed that. The new metro site instead dog-legs around the Macquarie property.

Smell a rat?

A compulsory purchase order was slapped on the heritage-listed apartments and, when negotiating compensation, owners say they were told the air space had no value.

It's now revealed that in February this year, Macquarie put in a proposal to develop the air space into a high-rise building.

A lawyer acting for landowners affected by the metro project is quoted in Sydney Morning Herald summing up this government's modus operandi  perfectly:

"The process has been highly irregular and they have not been transparent".

Yep, that's the way our state government does things.

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