Saturday, January 09, 2016

What a bloody Medicare shambles

What an absolute bloody disgrace the changes to Medicare "service" are.

Some health suppliers send the claim direct to Medicare and anything due to you is paid direct to your bank account.


But other providers send you the bill in full and you have to claim yourself from Medicare.

I've just tried that.

The local office, in Erina Fair Mall, has been closed, so the many thousands of us in this part of the Central Coast now have to travel to Gosford.

You used to present your invoices to a person, they were checked for eligibility, any rebate due was paid direct to your bank account.  Took a few minutes. You could then walk to your private health insurer and claim anything due from them - that has to be done after Medicare.

Now it's 'serve yourself'. 

A person directs you to the computers or to some forms and you're on your own. Or you can use the bloody mobile phone app, apparently.

While I was there several elderly women painfully made their way up the many steps to the office, then were totally bewildered and had no idea what to do or how to do it.

FFS, a huge number of, elderly, people are not computer literate and don't have mobile phones or know what apps are or how they would use them.

We spent a lot of time trying to work out exactly what to put on the forms, then we handed them in to the staff member, who said she would take care of it.

I have no idea what happens next, we have no copies of the invoices (not expecting Medicare to take them) and we have nothing to take to our private health insurer. The Medicare person said they would forward it to them, but to trust such an incompetent bunch is naive in the extreme.

But we have no choice.

I just tried to see what I have to do to conduct the whole thing online.

The site has a fault and won't let me provide details. You can't claim hospital expenses online. The site is is down for maintenance for two days.

What a bloody joke.