Thursday, August 06, 2015

Community expectations.

Seems that two good things may have resulted from Bronwyn Bishop's resignation as Speaker.

One of course is that it's got rid of the worst Speaker our Parliament has ever had.

Resigning in disgrace is just the first step though. The AFP has to investigate (what she's already admitted) and legal action needs to be taken against her.

The second good thing is that it's highlighted just how entitled our politicians think they are, taking our money to pay for their private expenses - weddings, theatres, limos, charter aircraft, family (business class) travel and all the rest of the rorts.

The Bishop saga has forced PM Abbott to order a review of the whole system (yet another one) so that poor old pollies aren't confused any more about what constitutes reasonable expenses.

There's a disconnect, the idiot Abbott has discovered, between what the pollies think they're entitled to and what the community thinks is reasonable. But he's already confirmed that he doesn't give a damn for community expectations, by saying that we the taxpayers should pay for pollies to attend party fundraisers.

Not a good start.

But while they're looking at how they can behave to meet community expectations, there are plenty of other areas that need looking at.

Acting like adults is one, instead of the infantile schoolyard antics we've been getting in Parliament ever since Abbott squeaked into the Liberal leadership.

Acting in the national interest is another, instead of acting in their own personal, political or financial interests at the expense of the national interest, as they do now.

For the LNP specifically and topically, appointing what we are supposed to have, an independent Speaker is a community expectation.  Bishop brought the position into disrepute, as did Abbott by appointing her and he must now make amends.