Monday, May 04, 2015

Left behind again?

I'm reading all sorts of stories about 3D printing, amazing stuff.

Jet engine parts by Rolls Royce, guitars, motor cycles, even houses, built by 3D printing. The story a few days ago from the US about young kids lives saved by 3D printed body inserts. The police have shown us guns produced by 3D printing, and so it goes on.

It's obviously the way of the future that'll have at least as much impact as the internet.

Whole manufacturing industries will be replaced by 3D production lines, for example

The question is whether Australia is in on the action.

It's something we need to be pursuing very, very seriously. We need to be aiming to be world leaders in the new technology so that even if we don't reach that goal at least we'll be somewhere near the top of the ladder.

Sadly predictable is the fact that I don't see much written about Australia's efforts in it.

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