Saturday, April 04, 2015

The paranoids are out

The rain brought the loonies out today. Nothing much else to do on a typically rainy Easter weekend I guess.

The current banner they're gathering under is Reclaim Australia.

Apparently, if you're paranoid enough, all 2% of Muslims in Australia want Sharia law and are going to exert their will over the 98% majority to have it introduced for all of us.

Twitter, Facebook etc are full of stories and photos - most of them are along the lines of mobs of red faced macho men screaming abuse and jostling women who disagree with their bigotry, of red faced macho women screaming insults like 'I bet you went to university' at women who disagree with their bigotry.

I picked out some of my favourite photos:

Difficult word to spell, halal.  Or maybe he doesn't like someone called Hala...while she seems to want Russian dolls banned.

I'm not sure about this mob - are they anti-Roman/Italian? Or are they Italians seeking asylum?  I'm as confused as they seem to be.

And it goes without saying that tatts are on display:

I really loved this comment from Adelaide, although I'm sure it would have been beyond the understanding of the Reclaim Mob:

Then , as usual, a cartoon said it all in a few strokes of the pen and a few words:

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