Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Slap on wrist for murderer.

Michael Aller. A long history of violent acts against women. Including:

In 2008, breaching an AVO, sent intimidating & sexually degrading phone messages to a former partner. Followed by abusing her in the street and throwing a brick through her window.

2011, breached another AVO, punching another girl in the face in an RSL club.

2012, repeatedly stabbed partially paralysed Amy Alton in "a sustained and ferocious" attack, killing her.

The kind of homicidal maniac Blind Freddy could see we need off the streets.

Justice Peter Hidden has other ideas though. He said the thug has "a propensity for domestic abuse when drinking", and he's a serial offender. Then gave him a sentence of eleven and a half years for manslaughter.

Surely there has to be an appeal.

It was murder after a long history of violent acts which led up to it. Only a matter of time springs to mind. He should be in jail or a mental institution for life.

He was found not guilty of murder on the basis of 'substantial impairment'. What bullshit. It was murder. Nothing else.

If they want to take his mental state into account when sentencing, that's another thing entirely. But murder is murder. And it should carry an appropriate sentence.

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