Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Paranoid panic sets in

Paranoia and panic set in amongst a certain group during the lead-in to Easter and culminated in the oddly named Reclaim Australia demos on Easter Saturday.

The main cause of their panic seems to be that sharia law is about to be introduced.

(They also don't like food to be labelled as halal, although how that affects them I don't know, any more than food labelled kosher or unlabelled food does).

I've lived in a Muslim country, the UAE, and spent time in other Gulf states and other Muslim countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia. I've lived in Christian countries such as Austalia and the UK and in predominently Buddhist Singapore, which also has large Hindu, Muslim and Christian minorities.

The people in all of them act in very much the same way in relation to their religion.

Just the same as the people you know, if you think about it.

Most don't give a toss.

In all the places I know some follow the faith to the letter, pray or go to the place of worship as often as required.

Many more go to the place of worship once a week or once in a while, or only on special days.

The vast majority don't do any of that.  While nominally of the religion, they don't go to the church/mosque/temple and have no formal contact with the religion.

For example, Christians only go to a church for weddings and funerals. So it is with Muslims.

In the UAE you hear the call to prayer but you don't see everyone rushing to the mosque any more than you see people here in Oz rushing to the church on Sundays. They simply carry on doing whatever it is they're doing.

With all religions only a small minority are passionate, fanatical about it.

That fact makes nonsense of the paranoia that sharia law is about to be forced on Australians.

We have around half a million people who say they're Muslim. If even an unlikely quarter of them wanted to live under sharia law, that's 125,000 people.

How do the Reclaim Australia mob work out that 125,000 people can impose sharia law on the other 25 million of us?

Here are some of them:

If that lot claim Australia I'm outa here.


Anonymous said...

As an Australian of colour, my opinion and experience is that Reclaim Australia speaks for the majority (50% +) of Australians.

If you were to look at the changing political landscape, in particular, with the emergence of a dozen or so far right parties, and the further evolution of the LNP to the right, one may state that my opinion is not farfetched.

This, coupled with the increasing attacks on ethnic and religious minorities paints an ugly picture of where Australia is at the moment.

Seabee said...

I agree that there's been a huge and worrying move to the right. Someone commented that Malcolm Fraser, late Liberal leader, was to the left of the current Labor Party, showing just how far to the right we've moved.

However I don't agree that the Reclaim idiots speak for 50% of the population, nor anywhere near it. Remember that the Reclaim turnout in the recent rallies was laughably small, and greatly outnumbered by the anti-Reclaimer groups.