Thursday, April 30, 2015

Look what you made me do

The flood of comment in mainstream media and online over the Indonesian executions has predictably included plenty from the 'serves them right' brigade.

Typical of the comments is a letter in today's Sydney Morning Herald, which begins: "How many bleeding hearts will be lamenting at graveside vigils for young drug addicts whose lives are destroyed by profiteering drug smugglers."

It's all the fault of the drug suppliers you see. Users have no say in the matter, no choice, no responsibility. It's not their decision to take drugs, it's a decision forced on them by the suppliers.

I can't even begin to understand why they've ignored me and just about everyone I know. It's  surely in the suppliers' best interests to have us all buying their product, so why haven't they made us take their drugs?

Or could it be that in fact it's the users who've created the market? That the users actually make their own decision to take drugs and then go to find some?

Extrapolating the 'it's all the dealers' fault' claim, chemists  must be responsible for some people becoming addicted to prescription drugs. Bars must be responsible for some people being alcoholics. Fast food outlets must be responsible for some people becoming obese.

If there was no market there would be no supply.

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