Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A ministry of incompetents

Incompetent. Lightweight. Clueless. Inept.

I was cynical about the ability of our federal ministers from the beginning but they're even worse than I expected them to be.

On ABC radio within an hour we had Scott Morrison, Minister for Social Services, considered one of the best-performing ministers, and Greg Hunt, Environment Minister, serving this up:

MICHAEL BRISSENDEN: Okay. I mean, you've got to find some money, it's not just a spending problem that you've got at the moment though is it?

SCOTT MORRISON: No, I'd largely disagree with you. I mean it's the expenditure blow-outs that has been the problem over the past six years. I mean you don't chase revenue short-falls down a hole.

What you do is make sure you get your spending under control because that's what you can control. That's what governments can control..."

A man recently touted as the next Treasurer believes governments can only control spending, not revenue.

Greg Hunt offered what appeared to be a Monty Python sketch when he was interviewed by Linda Mottram.  That's here.

I should remind you that this is a federal minister, not a ten year old in a school debate

Tony Abbott's come up with plenty of examples of his own, stuff like 'climate change is crap', but my favourite is probably: "As Minister For Women, what have you done for women?" 
TONY ABBOTT: I removed the Carbon Tax".

Then there's Smokin' Joe, so out of touch and out of his depth that only someone like Tony Abbott would even think of keeping him as Treasurer.

Abbott said there were no women in coalition ranks capable of  being ministers, except for one, Julie Bishop. Ironic isn't it that she's the only minister I'd exclude from the list of total incompetents.

They're not only an embarrassment, the're doing untold harm to the country.

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