Saturday, March 28, 2015

Murphy's Law

Good management is not only making sure the right thing is done but is just as importantly about stopping wrong things from happening.

In fact in my experience it's more about stoppinjg the wrong things from happening, human nature being what it is.

Surely we're all aware of Murphy's Law - if something can go wrong, it will go wrong. You have to anticipate that and put measures in place to prevent or mitigate it.

Airline management, and regulators, have, amazingly failed all travellers as witnessed by the catastrophe with Germanwings.

There are now reports of the mental illness of the co-pilot who murdered 149 people as he killed himself.  Inevitably there's plenty of comment about mental health issues, screening of people in responsible positions, psychological testing.

Of course that has to be done, but more importantly the blindingly obvious should have been done by all airlines and all regulators. NEVER should there be less than two people in an aircraft cockpit.

So blindingly obvious and so very simple to do.

I had always assumed it happened as a matter of course. I hadn't thought of a rogue pilot (although I seem to remember a Japanese pilot doing much the same thing some years ago) but simply because of illness. A pilot could faint, have a heart attack, an asthma attack or whatever.

That airlines around the world, and regulators, have not had this simple procedure in place since cockpit doors were barricaded beggars belief.

No-one, of course, will be called to account.

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