Wednesday, February 18, 2015

You scratch my back...

Two more stories today that add to the evidence that politicians and big business look after each other at our expense.

The greyhound live baiting abomination is one because it's given extra, and much needed, publicity to  the bill West Australian Liberal Senator Chris Back introduced into Federal Parliament a few days ago.

It's designed to protect business by making it illegal to do what the animal welfare groups and Four Corners did with the greyhound business - expose what's going on. 

As Siobhan O’Sullivan said in the Sydney Morning Herald, the new law would: "..make it illegal to distribute or broadcast images that have not been surrendered to the police; and create a crime of seeking employment with the aim of exposing animal suffering."    The animal welfare groups used: "...undercover investigators to infiltrate the industry and a range of other critically important investigative techniques; all of which would become heavily penalised under the Coalition's proposed legislation." 

Shoot the whistle blower to protect their mates in big business.

The other is the ongoing saga of the backroom deals being done in relation to the Newcastle revitalisation plan. This includes digging up the rail tracks and replacing parts of it with a tram system.

Confidential Cabinet documents were found in the office of  disgraced former local Liberal MP Tim Owen. (He had to resign from parliament after lying about taking $10,000 cash before the 2011 election from developer and then Newcastle Lord Mayor Jeff McCloy).

The papers reveal that the NSW government rejected advice from Transport for NSW and went for the option preferred by developers. This could cost up to $100 million extra, be less effective but gives more opportunities to property developers.

From Sydney to the Hunter the MPs had to all stand aside after revelations of what they'd been up to.

It's all about what's best for them and their bank accounts.

You can read the full stories here.



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