Friday, February 13, 2015

Dress codes

I'm pleased to see that Qantas are going to enforce the dress code for their lounges at airports.

Far too many people - men in particular - don't dress appropriately these days. Singlets and football shorts is underwear in my opinion and its not appropriate in a restaurant or on a plane. Unfortunately, an increasing number of men think it is.

On many flights men are wearing only that, then have to wrap themselves in blankets because they get cold.

A few evenings ago we went to dinner in a local restaurant where a family included the father and three young boys wearing nothing but football shorts. The mother was appropriately dressed in a dress. They obviously have no idea of what's appropriate, the fault lies with the restaurant allowing them in

The Sydney Morning Herald story about the Qantas move has an online poll asking "Do you agree with Qantas getting tough on dress standards? Sadly, although it doesn't surprise me, currently 34% of nearly 10,000 respondents say 'no'.

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