Friday, February 06, 2015

Do we really deserve this?

Bloody politicians just don't get it do they.

Self-serving, interested in only themselves, they lie and cheat to get into power, then treat us with contempt by trying to force through policies they said they'd never introduce. And are surprised when we get our own back by voting them out.

Having dinner with friends last evening and they all said they simply wouldn't vote for anybody in the upcoming elections.

I'm sure that's why we have compulsory voting; apart from the fanatics on both sides of politics the vast majority of us wouldn't bother.

There's such disgust in the community that it's rare now for a government to actually be voted in.

What's happening is that people are voting the current lot out, rather than giving a positive vote to the Opposition.  It's the old cliche about democracy - the advantage of it being that you can get rid of governments you don't like.

We're getting it as the standard now. Governments are being thrown out after just one term, something that was rare in the past.

We just saw that in Victoria, with the one-term Coalition thrown out. In Queensland it was even more marked - the Labor government was so unpopular that they were all but destroyed in the last election. They had 51 of the 89 seats but after the election they were left with  just 7.

But it was an anti-government vote rather than the Coalition being voted in. Once again voters realised they didn't like the government they had, so at the election just held they in turn were thrown out, Labor picking up half the available seats.

Federally it's the same. The Coalition wasn't voted in, the shambles that was Labor was voted out. Now the polls say that Abbott, always hugely unpopular with the electorate, would be voted out in a landslide if an election was held now.

A huge percentage of people said he was doing a bad job but what amazed me about the poll was that 29%  said they thought he was doing a good job.

We've just had the idiot Treasurer Smokin' Joe grinning like a fool at the rate reduction, telling us it was the sign of a strong economy - when a rate reduction under Labor was, he told us at the time, the sign of an economy in crisis.

He claimed that business would now go on an investment and hiring spree, ignoring the fact that the reason business is not doing that is lack of any confidence in the government.

The leadership thing is coming to a head, with it just announced there will be a vote on it in the Lib Party Room on Tuesday. Abbott is deperately claiming the people voted him in and only the people can vote him out.

Two problems with that - one, we did not vote him in. He was given the leadership by his own party, by just one vote, not by us. He was always unpopular and the people preferred Malcolm Turnbull as leader but we had no say in it.

Two, we can't vote him out because in spite of all his aggressive bluster that he would, he won't call an early election. The polls are showing quite clearly that we would vote his government out if he gave us the opportunity.

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