Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Costa Concordia Coalition

As many commentators are pointing out, Dear Leader hardly got a resounding victory.

The majority of backbenchers voted for a leadership spill, only the tradition of the ministry showing solidarity with the leader got him over the line.

He dusted off the old much-used  'I'll change, I'll listen, I won't be arrogant" script, naturally, but as he's proved time and time again, you can't trust a word the man says.

The latest polls as predicted show that 75% of us think he's doing a bad job. I'm amazed that 24% give him their approval.

He's dragging his party further and further away from winning the next election, the anonymous Beige Bill wotsisname just has to do nothing and Labor will walk it.

And still the Libs either don't get it or are simply blindly following the party script

Julie Bishop on radio this morning was still saying the problem is that they haven't been explaining their policies properly. That the policies are patently unfair and have been rejected by the electorate because of it doesn't occur to them.

Dear Leader himself announced that "good government starts today". An acknowledgement that the last seventeen months has been bad government under his direction.

With that acknowledgement but determination to stay he's demonstrating his total lack of integrity.

It's not the captain going down with his ship, it's the Costa Concordia syndrome, the captain sinking his own ship.

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