Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Two fingers from Abbott

Sir Duke of Edinburgh?

Sir Prince Philip?

Almost unbelievably, our idiot Prime Minister has conferred an Australian knighthood on the Queen's husband.

An Australian knighthood? It's a contradiction in terms.

What the hell he was doing introducing the ludicrous idea of knights and dames in the first place is anyone's guess. But this latest stupidity really is the last straw.

Only rabid monarchists think it's a good thing, even his own conservative party members are expressing their astonishment and opposition to it.

The story has hit the world's media, naturally, so is a huge embarrassment to the country.

It's another example of Abbott's mindset, his belligerence and arrogance. It was a 'captain's pick' he says. Or, more accurately, two fingers to the rest of us, he's going to do whatever he likes.

Unrest is growing in his own party, and especially in his coalition partners I suspect, at his erratic 'leadership' and increasing unpopularity. And remember he started from a low base anyway, he was hugely unpopular before the election.

We can only hope they put self-preservation first (politicians' default position) and dump him rapidly.

Although who they replace him with is a real worry. Malcolm Turnbull is favourite with the electorate, and I suspect that Julie Bishop would be next choice.

But given pollies' habit of doing the wrong thing I fear someone like Scott Morrison might sneak over the line, and that would be at least as bad as Abbott staying.

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