Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Sydney siege inquest

An inquest into the Martin Place Siege deaths will be held at the end of the month, and I'm pleased to see it will be wide-ranging.

The NSW Coroner's Court said the aim of the inquest will be to determine how the deaths occurred, the factors that contributed to them and whether they could have been prevented.

The several minutes between criminal lunatic Monis firing his first shot and police storming the cafe are expected to come under scrutiny as well as the police's decision to not act on their 'direct action' plan but let the siege drag on.

Good. It needs investigating thoroughly.

Instead of using their direct action plan to storm the cafe at a time of their own choosing, a 'management' decision was made to hold off. Which meant they had to go in at a time dictated by the criminal, after an innocent hostage was killed.

Pre-inquest reports are saying that Tori Johnson was murdered by the gunman while Katrina Dawson was killed by police bullets. Seeing the police storm the cafe on television I was amazed that any of the hostages came out alive.

I sincerely hope there's scrutiny on the manner of the attack. Reports are saying police fired 25 rounds. From what I saw it was a hell of a lot more than that. Far too many police went charging in over a period, all firing madly. My immediate reaction was too much testosterone, too much adrenalin, too little training, very poor management.

And of course, as I said in my post during the siege, snipers should have shot the gunman on one of the several times he appeared at a window. Two innocent people would be alive if they'd done that. I hope that's investigated by the inquiry too.

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