Thursday, January 15, 2015

More chaos from the Abbott government

It's just been announced that the government has scrapped plans to cut the payment to GPs, only 24 hours after PM Abbott aggressively defended it.

Astonishingly, they're more chaotic than the last Labor governments, and that takes some doing.

Random isolated ideas pop up out of nowhere, designed to do nothing but bolster the budget. No thought, no discussion, no strategy. Thoughts scribbled on a beer mat are suddenly announced as policy.

They're announced as something that must be done, defended aggressively, then dropped.

We've heard it before - 'I've listened, I've heard'  said the new Health Minister, repeating what was said about the $7 'co-payment' backflip.

Why don't the idiots consult with people before gung-ho announcements of what they're going to do?

Even better, why can't we have a government that actually produces a strategy for the economy and the budget.

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