Thursday, January 29, 2015

Going, going...

A Seven News ReachTEL poll taken on Tuesday night found only twenty per cent of respondents think Mr Abbott is doing a good job as Prime Minister while sixty per cent rated his performance as poor.

Amazingly, 18.1 per cent of respondents nominated Mr Abbott as the best person to lead the Coalition.

However, Malcolm Turnbull was the most popular choice to lead the Coalition, with more than 44.6 per cent of respondents backing him compared with 30.5 per cent for Julie Bishop.

Abbott's desperately using the Gillard-Rudd Labor implosion as a reason for his party to not replace him. But it's a very different scenario from Gillard replacing PM Rudd, because the sitting PM then was very popular with the electorate.

Abbott was hugely unpopular even before the election and he's seemed hell-bent on increasing his unpopularity ever since. He's certainly achieved that.

The bookies are now saying a leadership challenge is more likely than not.

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