Thursday, January 29, 2015

Going, going...

A Seven News ReachTEL poll taken on Tuesday night found only twenty per cent of respondents think Mr Abbott is doing a good job as Prime Minister while sixty per cent rated his performance as poor.

Amazingly, 18.1 per cent of respondents nominated Mr Abbott as the best person to lead the Coalition.

However, Malcolm Turnbull was the most popular choice to lead the Coalition, with more than 44.6 per cent of respondents backing him compared with 30.5 per cent for Julie Bishop.

Abbott's desperately using the Gillard-Rudd Labor implosion as a reason for his party to not replace him. But it's a very different scenario from Gillard replacing PM Rudd, because the sitting PM then was very popular with the electorate.

Abbott was hugely unpopular even before the election and he's seemed hell-bent on increasing his unpopularity ever since. He's certainly achieved that.

The bookies are now saying a leadership challenge is more likely than not.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Overheard in The Lodge

Tony Abbott: Peta, what do I say each time I stuff up and the shit hits the fan? 

Peta Credlin: You say you'd learned from the experience,  you'd now listened, you'd heard and you'd consult more in future.

TA: Look, it's worked every time I've used it before, so I'll wheel it out again over this Prince Philip thing.

And he did.

Lies upon lies from Abbott

Each time Tony Abbott makes a stupid 'captain's call' or announces a divisory policy without talking to his colleagues, he reacts to the inevitable backlash by saying that in future he'll listen, in future he'll consult.

Exactly the same old script was brought out again as a result of his ludicrous, self-indulgent, arrogant decision to give Prince Philip a knighthood.

Just like his pre-election promises - including his promises to his own party if they elected him leader - he's proved without a shadow of doubt that you can't believe a word he says.

He even told us we couldn't believe what he said, back in 2010 in a 7.30 Report programme on ABC. He said that "in the heat of discussion" he sometimes went further with a promise than he should.

I've always believed that in a democracy the most critical thing is for politicians to tell the truth.

Abbott has confirmed with absolute certainty that neither we nor even his own colleagues can believe him. Especially not when he says that he'll change, he'll listen, he'll consult.

His party has to do the right thing and replace him.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Two fingers from Abbott

Sir Duke of Edinburgh?

Sir Prince Philip?

Almost unbelievably, our idiot Prime Minister has conferred an Australian knighthood on the Queen's husband.

An Australian knighthood? It's a contradiction in terms.

What the hell he was doing introducing the ludicrous idea of knights and dames in the first place is anyone's guess. But this latest stupidity really is the last straw.

Only rabid monarchists think it's a good thing, even his own conservative party members are expressing their astonishment and opposition to it.

The story has hit the world's media, naturally, so is a huge embarrassment to the country.

It's another example of Abbott's mindset, his belligerence and arrogance. It was a 'captain's pick' he says. Or, more accurately, two fingers to the rest of us, he's going to do whatever he likes.

Unrest is growing in his own party, and especially in his coalition partners I suspect, at his erratic 'leadership' and increasing unpopularity. And remember he started from a low base anyway, he was hugely unpopular before the election.

We can only hope they put self-preservation first (politicians' default position) and dump him rapidly.

Although who they replace him with is a real worry. Malcolm Turnbull is favourite with the electorate, and I suspect that Julie Bishop would be next choice.

But given pollies' habit of doing the wrong thing I fear someone like Scott Morrison might sneak over the line, and that would be at least as bad as Abbott staying.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sickening hypocrisy

As usual, the hypocrisy is breathtaking and sickening.

Rightly condemning the ISIS executions as barbaric and totally unacceptable, world leaders  simultaneously heaped praise on the late Saudi King Abdullah and flocked to his funeral, sucking up to the new regime.

John Kerry says the leader of one of the world's most intolerant, barbaric nations was a man of wisdom and vision. Christine Lagarde says he was a champion of women's rights. British flags should be at half mast, the UK government advised. Tony Blair said he admired him greatly.

Stephen Harper praised him as an ardent defender of peace. The French said he worked for a just and lasting peace in the Middle East. David Cameron praised his commitment to peace and for strengthening understanding between faiths.

Meanwhile in the real world Saudi Arabia is the world's leading financier of Sunni terror groups. They sent tanks into Bahrain to put down the Shia majority's uprising against the minority Sunni regime there. And constantly urged the US to bomb Iran, which is Shia.

ISIS is barbaric for beheading people, our leaders say, but they heap praise on the leader of the nation that kills many more that way. Others, such as anyone convicted of adultery, can be stoned to death.

Most of their public beheadings go unnoticed in the west. Only recently with blogger Raif Badawi in the news (a thousand lashes and ten years jail for suggesting free speech might be a reasonable idea) has their 'justice' system attracted some coverage.

The focus on that also drew the west's attention to the gruesome beheading of Layla bint Abdul Mutaleb Bassim, a Burmese woman married to a Saudi. One of the cops filmed it and posted it online. He's now in jail charged it's assumed with invasion of privacy.

Some media outlets have gone on to report that the Saudis executed 87 men and women last year, most beheaded, with ten people beheaded this month.

Leaves ISIS looking like amateurs in comparison, yet they're the face of evil while the Saudis are our great friends.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Idiocy guaranteed

You can absolutely guarantee that brainless morons will do the wrong thing.

I'm reminded of the cretins who were shining lasers into the eyes of commercial aircraft pilots landing at Sydney international airport - and I'm sure it happens elsewhere too - by what happened yesterday in Dubai.

Gulf News is reporting:  Air traffic in Dubai was halted for nearly an hour on Friday due to public misuse of recreational drones near the flight path of commercial airlines.

Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ahli, Director General of the Dubai Civil Aviation, (said) that air traffic in Dubai came to a standstill from 3:00 to 3:55 on Friday as a result of malpractices of some members of the public  who flew unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) -- or "drones" -- in the air navigation passages meant for commercial planes.

He said such recreational drones pose a serious risk to the safety of air navigation as well as passengers, he said.

The paper went on to say that:  In the US, aviation authorities are receiving reports almost on a daily basis about drones flying near airplanes and helicopters or close to airports without permission.

Far too many dangerous morons about folks, we need a cull.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

More chaos from the Abbott government

It's just been announced that the government has scrapped plans to cut the payment to GPs, only 24 hours after PM Abbott aggressively defended it.

Astonishingly, they're more chaotic than the last Labor governments, and that takes some doing.

Random isolated ideas pop up out of nowhere, designed to do nothing but bolster the budget. No thought, no discussion, no strategy. Thoughts scribbled on a beer mat are suddenly announced as policy.

They're announced as something that must be done, defended aggressively, then dropped.

We've heard it before - 'I've listened, I've heard'  said the new Health Minister, repeating what was said about the $7 'co-payment' backflip.

Why don't the idiots consult with people before gung-ho announcements of what they're going to do?

Even better, why can't we have a government that actually produces a strategy for the economy and the budget.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Sydney siege inquest

An inquest into the Martin Place Siege deaths will be held at the end of the month, and I'm pleased to see it will be wide-ranging.

The NSW Coroner's Court said the aim of the inquest will be to determine how the deaths occurred, the factors that contributed to them and whether they could have been prevented.

The several minutes between criminal lunatic Monis firing his first shot and police storming the cafe are expected to come under scrutiny as well as the police's decision to not act on their 'direct action' plan but let the siege drag on.

Good. It needs investigating thoroughly.

Instead of using their direct action plan to storm the cafe at a time of their own choosing, a 'management' decision was made to hold off. Which meant they had to go in at a time dictated by the criminal, after an innocent hostage was killed.

Pre-inquest reports are saying that Tori Johnson was murdered by the gunman while Katrina Dawson was killed by police bullets. Seeing the police storm the cafe on television I was amazed that any of the hostages came out alive.

I sincerely hope there's scrutiny on the manner of the attack. Reports are saying police fired 25 rounds. From what I saw it was a hell of a lot more than that. Far too many police went charging in over a period, all firing madly. My immediate reaction was too much testosterone, too much adrenalin, too little training, very poor management.

And of course, as I said in my post during the siege, snipers should have shot the gunman on one of the several times he appeared at a window. Two innocent people would be alive if they'd done that. I hope that's investigated by the inquiry too.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Why were they there?

With the millions of 'Je suis Charlee' signs and pens & pencils, the crowd at France's rallies were there to show their commitment to free speech.

Many of the countries which sent their leaders or representatives were presumably there for some other reason.

Or maybe they support free speech in countries other than their own.

Egypt for example, where many journalists, the Al Jazeera group for example, are in Al Slammer.

Saudi Arabia, which is in the process of delivering a thousand lashes to a blogger, plus ten years jail, for "insulting Islam".

And Russia, Turkey, Algeria and so many other states not allowing anything like free speech.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Deranged retards

Sections of the media are linking the Lindt Cafe siege here in Sydney with the massacre in Paris, but there's really no similarity.

Martin Place was the work of a deranged individual, a well-known criminal who happened to be a Muslim. The siege wasn't politically motivated nor carried out in the name of a religion.

The attack on Charlie Hebdo on the other hand was carried out in the name of religion.

The retards responsible for it took offence at their religion being satirised.

Moir in the Sydney Morning Herald said it all with a few strokes of the pen:

He so eloquently summed up the level of retard we have to deal with.

I've always had a problem with people saying that something offends them. John Howard used to use it to avoid answering perfectly legitimate questions. He'd say 'I find that question offensive' and walk away.

I agree with Stephen Fry, who some years ago in an interview said: “It's now very common to hear people say, 'I'm rather offended by that.' As if that gives them certain rights. It's actually nothing more... than a whine. 'I find that offensive.' It has no meaning; it has no purpose; it has no reason to be respected as a phrase. 'I am offended by that.' Well, so fucking what."

The Charlie Hebdo perpetrators have now been killed by French security forces, exactly the right outcome. Such people have no place in our societies. Arresting and jailing them isn't the answer.
One of them had already served time for assisting terrorists and that did nothing to keep society safe from his demented actions.

Tony Abbott's been speaking about it again, with the usual platitudes.  We must not change the way we live. The safety of the community is the government's number one priority.

He then went on to tell us how our safety is obviously not the number one prioroty. At least seventy Australians are known to be in Syria and Iraq with extremist groups and dozens more have been there and have been allowed to return to Australia.

And there are others who've had their passport cancelled to stop them leaving to fight with the extremists. So they're sitting amongst us simmering with hate.

If the government truly had the community's safety at heart they'd allow anyone who wanted to join the extremists to go, then cancel their passports and never let them back into Australia. They want that way of life, they don't like ours, so let them stay there.