Monday, December 15, 2014

More mandate crap

I really have a problem with governments and their supporters squawking about having a mandate.

The latest is ANZ Bank's CEO Mike Smith, whingeing about the Senate not rubber-stamping the government's patently unfair budget proposals.

"They have a clear mandate to govern and should be allowed to get on with it."

In the real world, the coalition, with all its components, managed just 45% of the vote. To claim a mandate when less than half of us voted for you is ludicrous.

Added to that, of course, with this lying government, the policies they went to the election with are not what they decided to give us once in power.

They have no voter approval, let alone a mandate, for so many of the things they're trying to push through - such as cuts to education, cuts to health, changes to pensions,cuts to the ABC & SBS.”


David Blackwell said...

No other party has a "mandate" either. So are you saying that unless a party can achieve greater than 50% of the vote (virtually impossible with our electoral system) such party does not have a "mandate" to govern?

Seabee said...

Yes, unless the winning party has a large majority they don't have a 'mandate' from the electorate.

In the last election more than half the electorate voted against the coalition meaning they clearly have no mandate. They represent a minority.

Any government in the same position, if it really is acting in the interests of all the people, would need to tone down its most extreme views and negotiate with theother representatives.