Wednesday, December 31, 2014

I don't hold out much hope that our politicians will think of anything but their own best interest in 2015. It won't be any better in that respect than 2014.

Labor ex-ministers and powerbrokers regularly found to be corrupt, likewise their coalition opponents.

In the Sydney suburb of Homebush the state government sold a block of houses in June to developers for $5.8 million. The developer onsold it in December for $10.5 million.

The federal government continues to crow about 'stopping the boats' which contain legal asylum seekers - in spite of them being officially called illegal by the government. Meanwhile, it's confirmed yet again that tens of thousands of people are living here illegally, deliberately ignored by the government.

Historically the main illegals are Americans and Brits but they've been pushed down to third and fourth respectively by Chinese and Malaysians. They come in legally but then overstay their visa and melt into the population. Genuine illegals.

When asked what, as Minister for Women, his biggest achievement for women was in 2014 all Tony Abbott could do was squawk about removing the carbon tax. In other words, he's done exactly what we expected him to do in that portfolio - nothing. He's still spouting the lie, too, that households are $550 a year better off as a direct result of the carbon price removal.

Meanwhile his Environment Minister sneaked out data in the Christmas rush that shows carbon emissions reduced by 1.4% in the twelve months to June, beating the 0.8% the previous year. The carbon price obviously worked but is to be replaced, if the Senate allows the government to get its way, by payments to companies to not pollute.

Yep. Instead of penalising them for polluting the world we're going to pay them extra to do the right thing.

Smokin' Joe Hockey you will remember for his time as Shadow Treasurer, purple in the face screaming endlessly about the previous government's handling of the budget. Vote the Coalition in and he would fix it, get it straight back into surplus, get the economy booming, create more new jobs than you could poke a stick at.

He's in reverse now of course. Buggered it up totally, first by trying to introduce a patently unfair ideologically-driven budget of which the Senate sensibly has rejected the most unfair proposals.

The budget is getting worse and worse. Due in large part to the way they've behaved since winning power, revenue is going off a cliff. Outside events, which he refused to acknowledge when he was frothing at the mouth at his predecessor, are now one of his excuses. It's true of course, but he refused to accept that in the past.

He and Abbott led the crew spouting the nonsense that 'the adults are back in charge', that there'd be no broken promises - after endless histrionics over Gillard's broken promise over the carbon tax - that there'd be no surprises.Confidence would flood back, Australia was open for business.

All utter bullshit. It's been nothing but broken promises, childish behaviour, plummeting confidence, mass sackings, huge youth unemployment, an economic and budget disaster.  There's no surplus anywhere in sight.

The hypocrisy knows no bounds with what was the most destructively negative Opposition now, in government, crying that the now-Opposition is being negative and unfair and not simply rubber-stamping the government's proposals.

They organised a Royal Commission into Unions - nothing about that do I object to - but refuse to have one into the finance industry which has consistently stolen money from ordinary investors.

They'll do nothing about the Big Two, Coles and Woolworths, who are now dominating our economy to a dangerous extent. In the face of their denials, evidence has emerged that they do indeed use their power to bully and rip off suppliers. They've tried to con us into believing that they have our best interests at heart, claiming that they're reducing costs for consumers.

In fact, as anyone with half a brain realises, their profits are climbing all the time. They force their suppliers to pay for any price reduction consumers get - and even make them pay again to boost profit margins to what the Big Two decide they should be.

Our State government is planning to sell off the electricity poles & wires, Abbott claims the carbon price was the cause of the huge hike in electricity prices. More bullshit. Government siding with big business was the cause of the price hikes, with the gold-plating scam they agreed.

In Singapore, the Straits Times is reporting: "Electricity tariffs will be reduced in the first quarter of next year by an average of 8 per cent, energy firm SP Services said in a statement on Tuesday. The tariff reduction is due to lower cost of fuel for electricity generation, which fell by 16.4 per cent compared to the previous quarter. "As fuel cost makes up about 50 per cent of the tariff, this translates to a proportional reduction of 8 per cent in the Q1 2015 electricity tariff," SP Services said".

With our government and business so intimately tied together at the expense of the rest of us, we can only dream of such a thing here.

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