Friday, November 07, 2014

Choice? What choice?

Trying to do some shopping yesterday, I ended up ranting - yet again - about the influence Coles and Woolies have over our lives.

They have identical products and, increasingly, less choice on offer.

And their dominance (they have 80% of the grocery market) has forced indpendent retailers to join co-operatives and franchises. So, for example, independent delis have all but disappeared - they're now Peters Deli's - and they sell exactly the same stuff as the Big Two.

So, bugger all choice.

Today I was interested in the comment from Coles' boss John Durkan.

He said while Coles would continue to reduce its product range, it would always be a full-line supermarket because 'customers expect choice when they come to Coles'.

How's that for a contradiction in terms in one sentence.

And, by the way, they've again been revealed as conning us by lying about their 'fresh 'products.

A few weeks ago it was the bread - 'baked fresh daily' in their own bakery but in reality much of it imported frozen from overseas. Now it's apples, which they advertise as 'spring' fruit when in fact they were picked back in April and have been in cold storage for the last six months.

Their mates in government won't, of course, do anything about it. But it's not only against the public interest to have two such huge companies dominating our economy, it's downright dangerous.

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