Thursday, November 27, 2014

Abbott's damage control

Panic time for government after sustained fury at many of their budget proposals, and rejection of bills by the Senate.

Such is the unpopularity of their policies that they're looking more and more like a one-term government, so it's time for urgent damage control.

With his own MPs starting to panic about losing their jobs, Abbott's talking about 'scraping barnacles off the ship'. Or backing down from some of the more unpopular, and unfair, proposals.

The extra tax on visiting a GP - the 'co-payment' as they like to call it - is a possible non-starter, although his front-benchers are still talking about getting it through the Senate - or simply by-passing parliament if they can't.

That's a threat they've used before, although it's obviously a threat to democracy.

The idiots are also parroting the phrase about a 'sustainable Medicare' being dependent on the $7 extra tax. Which contradicts their other claim that the money will be going to a medical research fund, in which case I can't see how it sustains Medicare.

The man behind it all, Smokin' Joe the Treasurer, has joined the Opposition wherever it is they're hiding. He, and they, have become totally invisible.

The Leader of the Opposition, Bill something-or-other, is either  deliberately in hiding or is so ineffective as to be invisible.

Alternatively, he is out there but the media is deliberately ignoring him, and his front bench.

My money's on it being the people Labor elected to the top positions, and now is the time to get rid of them and replace them with a team that has character and can produce policies.

Meanwhile, Abbott continues to break pre-election promises by the handful. Remember him, and his front bench, screaming red-faced every day at Julia Gillard over her, one, broken promise?

They got saturation media coverage, yet we see nothing about his myriad broken promises from the current Opposition.

You know what - just as Abbott came out on top because Labor gifted him the last election, I think it's shaping up to be exactly the same result for the same reason at the next.

All the attention is going to Jacqui Lambie and the PUP and none to Labor.

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