Sunday, November 16, 2014

A new low

I'm not usually surprised when Tony Abbott embarrasses us, but I could hardly believe my ears at his speech opening the G20 meeting.

The most powerful leaders in the world, the world's media watching - and he brags to them that he stopped the boats, he whinges about not getting his $7 tax to see a doctor and uni fee increase legislation through parliament.

Worse, given the emphasis on climate change, the US/China agreement, Obama's speech, he brags that he scrapped the carbon tax.

Small town small time, a pygmy way out of his depth.

His myopic narrow thought process is on view too. What matters, he says, is jobs now, not what might happen in the future.

Like fishermen complaining about catch limits and restrictions because it puts their jobs in jeopardy. No understanding that to continue unrestricted will kill their jobs forever when the fish are all gone.

Abbott can't join the dots, doesn't understand the ripple effect that all actions or inactions have, the interconnection.

What a complete and utter embarrassment.

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