Monday, July 07, 2014

The age of entitlement powers on

Cartoonists so often nail it with a few pen strokes, as did Moir in the Sydney Morning Herald:

The age of entitlement is over, we've been told by this government.  What they didn't do was to finish the sentence, as Moir so brilliantly illustrated. The unsaid part of the sentence was 'unless you're wealthy'.

Nothing wrong with trying to get the budget under control, nothing wrong with means testing, nothing wrong with ensuring those claiming a benefit are entitled to it - all as long as the load is spread equally and fairly.

Which it patently is not.

All sorts of tax minimisation schemes, family trusts, multi-billion dollar companies paying little or no tax.

Banks ripping off their customers and then covering it up, while the Finance Minister is trying to push through changes which will make it easier for them to con their customers. And of course the government has dismissed the Senate enquiry's call for a royal commission into Commonwealth Bank's ripping off of investors and the subsequent cover-up.

All mates together, keep it in the club, look after each the expense of the rest of us.

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