Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Qantas fiasco

The Qantas situation is getting more and more ridiculous.

We have endless whingeing about 'unfair' competition from government owned foreign airlines, appeals from Qantas for government support, a government plan to open the airline up to foreign ownership rejected by the Senate.

They rabbit on about it being Australia's airline, the national carrier, a big employer of Aussies, headquartered in Oz.

Well, it was when it was state-owned. But they decided to privatise it, which changes all of that.

The choice is simple. Either re-nationalise it, so that it is once again truly the national carrier, or remove all the ridiculous obstacles to it being truly privatised, and stop calling it the national carrier.

What we have now is an unworkable mish-mash of the two - a company which is presented as a national asset but which in reality is a private company, but with restrictions on who can buy shares.

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