Sunday, July 13, 2014

PM's insult to victims of Japanese atrocities

Even though Abbott wheedling and crawling to foreign heads is what we've come to expect I could hardly believe my ears when he praised the Japanese for their WW11 heroics.

I was going to pen some words, but then came across a letter in the SMH from Jenny Rollo of Putney and I realised I couldn't say it better. Of all the letters I read condemning the actions of the moron Abbott, this stood out:

How dare you speak in praise of Japan's military skill in WW11, Tony Abbott. Your statement is appalling and insensitive to all Australians.  Remember Australia? You are supposed to be representing its people. That would be the men and women who were starved, butchered, raped and tortured. The ones imprisoned and worked until it killed them. The ones whose Red Cross boxes were stolen by their captors. My uncles and my father witnessed their unspeakable atrocities.  You shame us all with your cruel policies. You insult us with your words. Not in my name. How dare you.

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