Saturday, June 14, 2014

Treating us like mushrooms

Another classic example of a company ignoring a question, ignoring reality and instead issuing a meaningless PR message.

This time it was our Virgin airline.

An initial report from the Australian Transport Safety Bureau says they continued to operate a turboprop regional aircraft on thirteen sectors after an incident Virgin later suspected "might have caused significant structural damage" to the tailplane.

In response to the report Virgin said - yes, you guessed it - the safety of its guests, (guests? Passengers you dickheads!) crew and aircraft was its No.1 priority and protocols were in place to ensure safety was maintained. 

That covers it nicely. Don't mention the incident, don't tell the traveling public what happened or what steps have been taken to make sure such things don't happen again, just photocopy the 'mission statement' and send it out. Job done.

It's becoming the norm with business and their bedfellows the politicians to ignore the question and parrot the slogan or the soundbite. They're treating us with utter contempt.

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