Sunday, June 29, 2014

Mandate and secrecy bullshit

Abbott's been telling the incoming senators they have a duty to support him because the voters gave him a mandate.

It's what all governments claim, but rarely is it true.

The people who gave Abbott a mandate are only those who voted for him. According to the Australian Electoral Commission, the various Libs and Nats candidates got 45.55% of the total votes.

When you are elected in spite of most people voting against you, you don't have a mandate 'from the people' - you have a mandate from the minority who voted for you.

The majority of voters, 54.45%, gave a mandate to the parties they voted for to pursue their policies.

The incoming senators have a duty to the people who elected them to keep their promises.

We have reports of an asylum seeker boat in trouble, but naturally the appalling Scott Morrison is hiding behind his secrecy campaign, refusing to answer questions and tell us what's happening. He won't discuss 'operational matters' of course - except when it suits him.  He and Abbott couldn't wait to tell the world when they claimed six months of no boat arrivals.

What the country needs is for Abbott to make good on his threat and go for a double dissolution.

We still wouldn't get the government we need of course. Apart from the odd independent, Nick Xenophon comes to mind, none of them inspire any confidence. But at least we'd have a less extremist, less biased government.

The real problem is that the wrong people are going into politics for the wrong reasons.

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