Thursday, May 15, 2014

Killer trees

Yesterday's local paper has a story about yet another dangerous gum tree in a residential area, something I've complained about in previous posts.

As I said in those posts, branches come crashing down from gum trees year round.

Photo: News Ltd

This big lump came down early one morning which, as the resident said, was lucky because later in the morning and in the afternoon the road is full of kids from the nearby school being dropped off or picked up.

He said that the tree, outside his house, "had shed several branches over the years" and added that it's "a beautiful old eucalypt, but safety has to come first".

Council wasn't much help. They have too many trees to monitor them all, they said, so they want residents to monitor them and inform council if they think there's a problem.

Trouble is that their default position is to say there's nothing wrong with the tree, or it's protected.

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