Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Admit the mistake and replace Abbott

Not only is Tony Abbott hugely and increasingly unpopular with the electorate but the Liberals themselves are coming to realise what a mistake it was to make him their leader.

He won the leadership from Malcolm Turnbull by just one vote with just enough members believing Turnbull wouldn't be able to lead them to government. A bad error of judgement, because the Coalition would have won with Jack The Ripper as leader; Labor gave it to them on a plate.

The Coalition won even though Abbott was hugely unpopular right up to the election. Now with his entirely predictable actions since, he's plunging ever further down the drain of unpopularity and taking the party with him.

Not only has the electorate woken up to what he's all about, the state and territory leaders are in open rebellion and an increasing number of his own party are voicing disapproval. So are previous Lib leaders including his mentor John Howard.

The party did a huge disservice to the country by electing him as leader and thus foisting him on us as Prime Minister. They owe it to us to take a leaf out of Labor's book and get rid of him in a leadership ballot.

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