Monday, March 24, 2014

The amnesia defence

So many politicians, dodgy businessmen and other assorted wrongdoers lose their memory when fronting up to questioning that it seems to be an epidemic. The same people are amongst the worst informed in the country too, judging by the things they didn't know.

Cardinal George Pell is the latest to be suffering from the affliction.

Inevitably the Royal Commission into child sex abuse has heard that he 'wasn't aware' and 'couldn't remember' in today's hearings.

He also fell back on the old 'we're not as bad as others' non-defence, when he said that sexual abuse by priests was “a mighty issue for us because it is so contrary to what we should be about”.
But “whatever the deficiencies, I think we were ahead of some countries”, he said.

The next amnesiac in line will be Senator Arthur Sinodinos when he fronts up to the ICAC hearings. 

He's done the 'didn't know' bit already. Chairman of AWH at the same time as being NSW Liberal Party Treasurer he didn't know that donations were going from AWH to his Libs.

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