Sunday, March 30, 2014

Racing back to the fifties

 Photo Sydney Morning Herald

Much hilarity throughout the land at the PM's announcement that he was bringing back the titles of Sir and Dame, confirming that his mind is firmly back in the days of empire.

Much criticism too, not just from the left and republicans but from his own party, and even from his mentor, arch-conservative John Winston Howard.

But there are deeper problems highlighted by his action.

He didn't bother to discuss it with his colleagues in the coalition, he simply took to the media to announce he was doing it. That's a worry in a democracy.

So is the fact that it demonstrates yet again his fifties mindset, far from what the country, any country, needs in the twenty-first century.

And of course his total contempt for what the majority want, and what they want is clear from the reaction.

I was also disappointed to see that the outgoing Governor General Quentin Bryce accepted the title of Dame, after previously declaring her republican leanings. I wish she'd gracefully declined the offer.

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