Friday, February 28, 2014

Too late as usual

The killer trees I posted about last week continue to be in the news, now with a stable door and horses story.

The Dept. of Education has said that in future all public schools will have to engage arborists "to review the safety condition of trees on school grounds".

There wouldn't be a person in Australia who doesn't know that branches fall out of gum trees all year round. So you'd have thought that the bloody bureaucrats at the DofE would have realised they shouldn't be hanging over school playgrounds.

But it took the death of little Bridget Wright, killed by a falling branch which also injured two other children and a teacher, before they took any action.

It's not rocket science. You plan in advance, not wait for a disaster and then make a half-hearted attempt to prevent it happening again.

Do a perfectly normal risk assessment and remove the risks. Big gum trees are a risk, so remove the bloody things from built-up areas, especially schools.

Getting arborists to check them every so often will reduce but not remove the risk, because even healthy gum trees drop branches.

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