Saturday, February 22, 2014

Killer trees

Another terrible tragedy caused by a gum tree in the city, when a little eight year old girl was killed by a falling branch which came down in a school playground. Three others were injured.

I've ranted about it before, here's an example, and sadly I'm sure I will again because gum trees have a mystical aura with the authorities.

I love them in the bush but they have no place hanging dangerously over houses, roads, power lines and, if we're to protect our children, especially not over schools.

Huge branches fall from them throughout the year, causing all kinds of chaos and, too often, death. As with this latest tragedy, it doesn't need a strong wind, they simply die off and crash to the ground.

There's mounting evidence that power lines coming down are the cause of many bushfires, including many that have resulted in deaths and major property losses. The ABC ran a story on the subject after the October fire crisis here in NSW.

Here are two examples in my street, both of these monsters less than fifty metres from me in either direction.

Both are over power lines - branches from the tree in the first photo have brought down power lines twice in my time here - and both will destroy houses when they fall down completely, as they surely will one day.

Councils routinely refuse permission to remove killer trees, yet no-one is held responsible when they create damage or death.

Not good enough is it.

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