Saturday, January 11, 2014

Cowards, all of them

Yet another innocent teenager has died after being punched by a drugged up alcohol fuelled neanderthal.

Daniel Christie, 18, was on life support after being punched on New Years Eve and today his family made the decision to turn off the machines as there was no hope of him recovering.

So we have a repeat of another distraught family saying it mustn't be allowed to happen to another family. We have a repeat of public outrage. The media is saying enough is enough, it's time for action.

In fact it's already way past the time action should have been taken.

For many years the alcohol selling industry has pressurised governments, donated money to political parties and basically has them in their pockets.

Alcohol ads are all over just about every sporting event, the local papers are dominated by full page bottle shop ads, bottle shops and drinking establishments are spreading like wildfire, opening hours extend so far into the night that many people are getting out of bed to start their day as others are staggering home from bars.

It should never have come to this, but it shines a spotlight on our political system and the people in it and what it reveals isn't pretty.

Politicians focus is on keeping their jobs, the power and the rewards that go with it. They run the state for big business, big business looks after them.

If public opinion is strong enough to suggest they may be voted out next election, then we'll see some kind of action. But whatever it is it'll be far too little far too late.

There's no way we'll get it but we desperately need politicians who have vision, who anticipate problems and take action to prevent them happening.

What we have instead is an increasingly violent culture, increasing self-obsession, increasing use of drugs like steroids. So our politicians throw petrol on the fire by making it as easy as they can for alcohol to be available easily and cheaply day and night.

It ain't rocket science to work out what actually should have been done.

But they don't have the guts. They're cowards, the politicians who've allowed us to reach this sorry state, cowards just like the neanderthals who think a good night out is to get blind drunk and randomly attack without warning a complete strangers.

I'm sick of the lot of them.

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