Friday, January 24, 2014

Aggressive language

The Premier announced measures to tackle the problem of alcohol-fuelled violence, to the predictable uproar from vested interests.

The measures are a partial response to the problem, much more needs to be introduced, we need more detail and the earlier closing needs to extend state wide not just a small city strip.

I drink my fair share of alcohol and I'm a night rather than morning person, but I can't see the need to have licensed premises open virtually all night. A sensible closing time imposed on all outlets would be a huge help.

But the restrictions proposed on alcohol sellers is only a small part of the answer. We need some more complicated long term responses too.

As I said in my post four or five weeks ago, society is becoming more aggressive in all it does and says. So we need an ongoing educational programme pointing out the stupidity and dangers, and unacceptability, of deliberately deciding to drink to oblivion.And we need the media to stop the headlong dash they're on to find aggressive words and phrases to replace perfectly good descriptive words we already have.

A letter to the Herald this morning points out that the current Australian Tennis Open no-one has been 'defeated' nor have they 'lost a match'.  They have been 'dumped out', 'sent packing', 'bundled out', 'ousted', or they've 'crashed out'.

Similarly, nothing is available to win any more, whether it's a raffle prize or a seat in parliament - it's 'up for grabs'.

This unnecessary aggression can easily be taken out of the equation. We've had a change from most of the media, which is now not using the the phrase 'king hit', which glamourised the cowardly unexpected punch to the head which has caused so much mayhem. It's been replaced with either 'coward's punch' or 'single punch'.

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