Monday, December 02, 2013

What a shambles!

The last federal Labor governments were rightly criticised as shambolic.

Leading the criticism was the Coalition - but now they're in power they proving to be no better.

There's the refusal to give any information regarding asylum seekers, with 'no comment' replies to perfectly legitimate questions coming ad nauseum. So much for transparent government as promised by Abbott pre-election.

What PM Abbott claimed were important relationships were destroyed by his attitude to Malaysia and, particularly, Indonesia. The latter has suspended all co-operation and joint exercises.

Then they put the state governments offside, including Coalition states, with their broken promise on the Gonski school reforms. There was unity, Abbott said pre-election, with the then Labor government which brought in the reforms. A few weeks into government and the dreadful Christopher Pyne, now Education Minister, announced that Gonski was dead, it was back to the drawing board and he would be coming up with a new plan.

Abbott backed him to the hilt, telling us that they hadn't broken a promise. He claimed there were the promises they'd made and the promises people thought they'd made.  Shades of his mentor John Winston Howard's 'core and non-core promises'.

The NSW Premier furiously accused the Coalition of still acting as though they were in opposition rather than government.

Now today there's what is being called a spectacular backflip. The government has announced that it will honour Labor's Gonski commitments after all.

In Julia Gillard's time as PM it wouldn't have been a 'backflip', there would have been frothing at the mouth with screams about lies from the Coalition, the Murdoch press and the shock-jocks.

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