Thursday, December 05, 2013

Dumbed down debate

One of so many things to have been dumbed down is political debate and comment, demonstrated by the furore over the decision not to allow America's ADM to take over GrainCorp.

The furore harks back to Tony Abbotts' line that now the Coalition is in power, 'Australia is open for business'.

It was, of course, nothing more than a soundbite, a political cliche tapping into the claim that the Coalition is more business-friendly that Labor. Beyond that it's meaningless.

Yet the media is full of hysterical comment that the decision not only means the government has reneged on its 'open for business' claim but that foreign capital will flee the country and will avoid Australia in the future.

A meaningless soundbite and one rejection against dozens of approvals. The sky will not fall in.

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