Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas in Dubai

In Dubai over the holiday season, where I'm feeling the cold a bit after the nice warm weather I left back in Oz.

I arrived a few days ago at about 6am to 17C and heavy rain at the airport, although as we drove along Sheikh Zayed Road towards Dubai Marina it eased off.

Later on the way to Dome Cafe for coffee there was evidence that the marina area had also seen some heavy showers:

The rain was followed by a couple of windy days so the air is unusually clear now and the sky has been as blue as I've ever seen it in Dubai - and for two or three days on the trot. Let's hope it stays that way, I'm not happy unless there's a blue sky.

The other thing I love at this time of year is that it's marigold time for the landscaping all over the city. My favourite colour is the gold/orange/yellow palette and there are tens of thousands of gold and yellow marigolds in mass plantings.

And the malls are nicely decorated with Christmassy things, thankfully much more tasteful than the awful over-the-top commercial crassness of a few years ago. There are bargains to be had and I've picked up some shoes and trousers that a) I can't find in Oz and b) if I could they'd be a hell of a lot more expensive.

Daytime temps are up to the mid-twenties celcius, the sun is shining, the sky is blue, eating out is varied, excellent and inexpensive and, unlike in Oz, Baskin Robbins ice cream is available. So yes, I'm having a good time!

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