Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Aggressive is in

We had yet another weekend of alcohol fuelled violence in Sydney and yet more life-threatening injuries to innocent people.

The usual hand-wringing followed, as it always does, but nothing will be done to address the problem.

The Australian Hotels Association takes the US' NRA line - 'guns don't kill people, people do'. Nothing wrong with alcohol, nothing wrong with the licensing hours, nothing wrong with suburbs awash with licensed premises, nothing needs to be changed. Alcohol is innocent, it's people that's the problem.

Indeed they are, but an aggressive Neanderthal loading up with alcohol is a recipe for disaster.

The government is run for big business, so we can't expect anything to be done by them.

Paramedic Hameura Kohu and his colleagues managed to keep this week's most seriously hurt victim Michael McEwen alive as they drove him to hospital.

He talked about the senselessness of it all. "We realise it will happen again, every Friday and Saturday," he said.

He added that the violence was becoming more vicious. Even in alcohol fuelled attacks in the past "people didn't punch people in the head and then stomp on their heads...that's a fairly new thing," he said.

Actually of course, aggressiveness has become woven into the fabric of society, even in the most unlikely places.

We have it here in our politics, with the Abbott opposition years dominated by hairy-chested aggression - which they've inevitably continued now they're in government.

You will have noticed, I'm sure, that motor vehicle designers are pumping out aggressive looking cars and 4X4s these days.

And a series of TV promos for upcoming programmes have highlighted just how bad the aggression thing is getting.  We have several running on the commercial channels for the laughably-named 'reality' programmes coming up.

Cooking shows have become an aggressive contest. Renovation shows have become an aggressive contest. Dancing shows have become an aggressive contest.

We have promos featuring the contestants dressed as martial arts experts, as ninjas, as Avengers. All threatening to smash the opposition.

In cooking, dancing and renovation shows, for God's sake!

Is it life imitating 'art' or art imitating life?

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