Monday, November 25, 2013

No surprise poll

The first Neilsen-Fairfax poll since the election has been published and it says people think the government is a big disappointment.

No surprise there then.

Primary vote is down 5% for the government, up 4% for Labor. Two-party preferred has Labor leading 52% to 48% (at the election it was the other way round, 46.5% Labor, 53.5% Coalition).

Governments are in the image of their leader. Tony Abbott was consistently unpopular before the election and people voted not for him, his attitude, his policies but against Labor.

Labor made such a hash of it with the Rudd/Gillard musical chairs and inability to communicate that they had to go.

The problem was an alternative people didn't really want either.

As I said before the election, Abbott wouldn't, couldn't, change his personality. He's belligerent, confrontational, aggressive, dismissive, stubborn. It did the job in opposition but it's far from what's needed in government.

The poll says people have realised that.

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