Sunday, November 10, 2013

An outrage

It has to be one of the most badly botched criminal cases for years.

Kieran Loveridge, an habitual thug, well known to police with a string of previous charges including assault, malicious damage, assaulting a police officer, theft and affray, went on one of his alcohol fuelled rampages through Kings Cross. He smashed random strangers in the head as he roamed the streets

In a one hour rampage he punched his first victim, a 17-year-old youth, about 10pm. A few minutes later he  attacked Thomas Kelly, who was killed. He went on to attack Matthew Serrao, before assaulting Rhyse Saliba just after 11pm.

Quite rightly he was charged with the murder of Thomas Kelly. Inexplicably the DPP then agreed to reduce the charge to manslaughter, after Loveridge said he'd plead guilty to all the charges.

So he turned up in court, very different from his usual self. Well dressed, business shirt & tie, neat, tidy, scrubbed and polished. Crocodile tears and professed regret worked - the judge felt sorry for him and gave him four years.

An absolute outrage. A ludicrous sentencing decision from a judge completely out of touch with reality.

It's no punishment for an habitual and dangerous thug, no deterrent for other Neanderthals like him. They'll be out raising a glass to the judge this weekend. Changing to the lesser charge and the sentence are akin to aiding and abetting.

Loveridge was also sentenced for four assaults he committed on the same night that he killed Thomas Kelly. In total he got away with a sentence of seven years and two months with a non-parole period of five years and two months. For four assaults and a murder.

Predictably there's been a huge public outcry. The NSW Attorney-General has said he's asked the DPP to review the sentence and consider if there are grounds for appeal.     

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